Paid Market Research – Are Online Cash Surveys Real? |

Why do most people fail to make any real money with paid market research? The real reason is because they cannot find enough legitimate market research sites that pay cash for surveys and focus groups. Most people will have trouble finding even one! You need to sign up for many to be successful.These cash for survey sites do exist, but you have to know where to find these hidden treasures.Most market research companies pay for surveys in credits or coupons. I’ve even taken surveys that were nothing more than sales pitch.The first time I tried this, I started by signing up with just one survey site that I found on online. I quickly realized that I would need to sign up for many more sites in order to get enough steady survey offers to make real money.This proved to be much harder than I had imagined. What makes it worse is, most of these sites I was signing up for didn’t pay cash for taking surveys. They paid me in gift cards, coupons, credits, etc….Even when I found a site that did pay cash for market research, it paid very little; and finding enough of these real paid market research sites that give cash for surveys seemed impossible. I just gave up. I was doing too much for too little.After reading about a legitimate cash for surveys database on a forum, I decided to try to make money by taking surveys one more time.The database that was being talked about is called Make Money Taking Surveys. Eager to get started, I ordered the database information, and started signing up for all of the cash survey sites.Pros: The Make Money Taking Surveys database consists of hundreds of paid market research sites that pay at least $5 per survey. Make up to $150 each time you participate in a focus group!Cons: You will be signing up for cash survey sites for a while. There is no recurring payment involved like in affiliate marketing. However, affiliate marketing is much harder to be successful at.Do they really pay cash? They sure do. In fact, I took my first survey for cash 30 minutes after ordering the database, after signing up for only a few of the sites in the paid market research database. There are hundreds to sign up to, and they all pay out in cash.

First Internet Market Research, Then Implementation |

When you start a business, you will first need to do research before doing anything else. This is because you will need to find out about your competitors. Your competitors are the people that are going to determine your success or your failure. I see so many people Skip the first step of starting a business. They usually jump to the implementation part. This is not good because you do not know anything about the market which means that your business will not survive. This is simply because you haven’t done research on competitors. Your competitors may have products better than yours. So the aim of this article is to enforce that you should first do Internet research before doing anything else. After the research, you can start implementing your plan because you have all the resources and information about your competitors.If you have your research right you can ensure that your business will be successful. The reason why you should do Internet research is because it is easier than regular market research. With Internet market research you can find all the information within minutes. This describes how powerful the Internet has become. Thousands of people are making money online because it is very easy to do so. They have mastered how to do research through the internet. So having said can you see why it is important to do market research first before anything else when starting a business. Whether that is an online business or a regular storefront franchise. Doing market research will save you time and if you do Internet market research you will save money.